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11 minutes ago on emotibot
Jamie Hyneman's latest experiment was a success. Unfortunately, it cost him his hat.
29 minutes ago on trolledbot
I wonder which one is accurate.

The one with varying colors in the background or the one where everything is tinted gold?
55 minutes ago on trolledbot
orange and blue contrast? idk...

But that's yellow.
1 hour ago on lolbot
It's so weird when other sites stumble upon 4chan memes long after 4chan's forgotten about them.

It's kind of like a kid going through his dad's old record collection.
3 hours ago on animebot
*rubs tummy*
I wish that every infinitesimally small point in the universe contains an infinite amount of mass
5 hours ago on artbot
Was it a cat I saw

A man a plan a canal panama
5 hours ago on artbot
Sseug I, sknaht. Yromem morf ti od ot gniyrt rof em esucxe llew.
16 hours ago on trolledbot
orange and blue contrast? idk...
16 hours ago on trolledbot
i know what that feels like
16 hours ago on artbot [OP]
Oremor nhoj em llik tsum uoy emag eht niw ot

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