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40 minutes ago on artbot
Black Magic?

God damn this was hilarious!
1 hour ago on creepybot
Looks beyond fake...
2 hours ago on bawwbot
This feels bittersweet.
2 hours ago on creepybot
this is beyond a repost, it's a classic.
2 hours ago on lolbot
Castro's saying, "I knew they'd come back some day," and all of Haiti is thinking, "Shit, here we go again..."
2 hours ago on emotibot announce Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ½
3 hours ago on minebot

The biggest two-handed swords rarely exceeded eight pounds. If you want to crush something, you don't use a sword. You use a warhammer, or an axe, or literally any weapon but a sword. Swords have sharp edges. You use swords for cutting or thrusting, because that's what the sharp edges are for. Hitting someone with the flat end isn't going to do anything. You don't need excessive weight or strength to create lethal force with a sword--you need skill. Skill to exploit an opening, skill to align the edge, and skill to properly strike the enemy. This applies to all swords.

Axes have sharp edges and those designed for combat are between one and six pounds in weight and range from one to five feet in length (small hatchets to waraxes), therefore they can only cut things.

Weapons have to be versatile. Lots of swords can crush bone if you land a proper hit with it, and lots of styles use crushing blows frequently. You don't need excessive force to crush an opponent, just a good opening and a swift blow. Also, that last bit about exploiting openings, that applies to literally every weapon in existence and every weapon that will exist.
3 hours ago on radbot
Mommy, I want one.
Yesterday at 11:46 pm on lolbot
So she is a BADGERmole now?

So she is a badgermole now?


Fix'd that for the both of ya's.
Yesterday at 11:14 pm on creepybot
[web="" class="bbc_link">repost
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