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6 minutes ago on animebot
Again 4kids prove they aren't that bad
8 minutes ago on lolbot
lets take a moment to appreciate the paper boy in the back

I think that's the joke.
9 minutes ago on trolledbot
"Trying Too Hard, a 12-year-old's Story" by Fedora Brony May-May-chan
11 minutes ago on pokebot
Are those sheep falling in the middle?
14 minutes ago on lolbot

I think you're comically missing the point.

Well she certainly didn't!

I love you.
15 minutes ago on wtfbot
Very nice site!
17 minutes ago on lolbot
And this is why pit bulls are banned :3

Dog: 1
Humans: Victory

What? Dafuq do you mean banned? Banned from what? It's perfectly legal to own a pit bull. They're not all violent like people think. Good Lord people are idiots. I mean what kind of moron teases a dog like that. Any dog would go after him.
20 minutes ago on radbot
29 minutes ago on creepybot
If I was him I would fucking demolish those skeletons
31 minutes ago on creepybot
Took me an hour to find it. That is the kind of camouflage I need.
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