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19 minutes ago on minebot
haha, fooled me for a moment
1 hour ago on minebot
those some damn fine textures
3 hours ago on lolbot
". . . I farted."

"... Oh you motherf--!"

3 hours ago on lolbot
"Y'know... I didn't really care for The Godfather."

"... What??"
3 hours ago on radbot
Backing up isn't helping, I'd better back up some more.
3 hours ago on trolledbot
Neither, it's just more saccharine oscar bait from Clint Eastwood.
3 hours ago on trolledbot
I'll tell you why: it's overcast lighting. It's boring, it lights evenly in all directions, and the reflections on the car are essentially a blue/gray sky and some trees. Not to mention it looks as if it could do with a waxing. The camera angle is boring, because it is at human height, is far away and looking at a parked car.

Meanwhile, the game has "studio lighting." Aka, the ligthing you see in car commercials. The reflections are in extreme contrast. It's either a bright white window, or near-nothing (because dark things reflect less). The shadows are sharp and defined. And the camera angle is wider and more cinematic. And to top it all off, the black levels are darker here, giving it more contrast. Contrast is visually pleasing.

People need to learn the difference between "realistic" and "cinematic." Things don't look real in movies and commercials, but they are more visually pleasing, because it's not something we typically see in the real world.
3 hours ago on lolbot
le wrong generation
4 hours ago on trolledbot
The troll is that they took the picture with a shitty camera.

Or did they? *DUN DUN DUN!*
4 hours ago on lolbot
Where's the funny?

I don't get it, either.

She's using the machine completely wrong.
You're supposed to sit down on the bench and squeeze your legs together.
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