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58 minutes ago on lolbot
what is with tumblr and CRUISE CONTROL?
2 hours ago on pokebot
That's a classy sensor.
2 hours ago on pokebot
hahah le video game logics
2 hours ago on lolbot
My teachers must've thunk I was an anime protagonist, because they always made me sit next to that one window in the back.

you sure as hell must've been, what with all not paying attention to them and staring wistfully out of the window
2 hours ago on trolledbot
still using halfchan eh
3 hours ago on lolbot [Mod]
4 hours ago on lolbot
All I know is that the strawberry is not a fruit, it's actually a flower. The little seeds on it are the fruits.
4 hours ago on trolledbot
Too obvious too soon.
5 hours ago on trolledbot
Is the troll the fact that Frozen is both a great Disney movie and the worst kind of overrated, mainstream garbage that is the bane and financial nightmare of any little girl's parents?

I can honestly say even Disney probably didn't know that Frozen's popularity was going to be so great. It's dumb little girls and their dumb little sisters everywhere that did this.

"Oh my god, you are young and outgoing, but I am older and more cautious, WHAT AN ODD COMBINATION OMFG THEY ARE JUST LIKE ME AND MY SISTER"
7 hours ago on artbot
Not sure if Ross or Barry...
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