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37 seconds ago on trolledbot
That doesn't look like Hey You! Pikachu!
15 minutes ago on trolledbot
They're remaking Red/Blue/Yellow?

Come get me, Internet Users.
18 minutes ago on trolledbot
That's not a Diamond/Pearl Remake.
1 hour ago on trolledbot
read it from right to left like a manga
1 hour ago on artbot
Sailor Moon Sock Puppet.

Sophia is my favorite.
1 hour ago on lolbot

"Lil bromeo"

I laughed harder than I should have.
1 hour ago on awwwbot
Reverse Pavlov
1 hour ago on awwwbot
You can call it an all take and no give relationship.

what are you talking about, death totally sends gifts to life.
people die and become food for plants and worms to grow
2 hours ago on artbot
Wtf is up with that blond and the punchout dude?

People like to ship Little Mac and Zero Suit Samus after Little Mac's intro video where he uppercutted Samus into oblivion for pointing out how short he is.

Shippers are weird.

It's actually because of the height difference.
2 hours ago on bawwbot
This image is a strange case. It's so sad that it's funny.
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