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2 minutes ago on trolledbot
didn't bush already have one of these in affect? in which you could be detained indefinitely if you were deemed a terrorist or some thing?
27 minutes ago on lolbot
39 minutes ago on animebot
41 minutes ago on trolledbot
This bill is signed every year and has been signed by every president for the last 60 years.
45 minutes ago on trolledbot
Bieber is a cult leader
2 hours ago on lolbot
poof loof got me
2 hours ago on lolbot

fxt <3
2 hours ago on lolbot [OP]
#white people
2 hours ago on lolbot

He didn't claim to make it, just shared it.

Also, this isn't funny.
Yesterday at 11:58 pm on minebot
I figured it was just jumping on the x-craft badwagon.
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