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3 minutes ago on emotibot
what is happening did thy see something gross
15 minutes ago on trolledbot

I don't know man, the boy looks like he's scared that he'll be next, so he didn't laugh at his sister :(

No, it looks like he was getting ready to do it, himself. His right hand was going up to her head.

Considering both hands moved forward I think he was just surprised
46 minutes ago on wtfbot
1 hour ago on trolledbot
1 hour ago on pokebot
I was thinking less age-regression and more shrinking down like in the ol' games, where your tall trainer sprite turned several pixels short.
1 hour ago on trolledbot

Man if I hear one more person say rape is the worst thing that can happen to a person I'll kill them and really do the worst thing. First I'll force them into drugs and get them hooked, next I'll sell them into human trafficking for 10 quid, but I'll retain their location at all times. Continuing on in my quest I'll get them sold into prostitution (safe sex of course can't have them dying before their sentence is served) after that I'll dress up as a cop with a disguise and "save" them, I'll then proceed to rape them and get caught from a real police officer but this'll be a cop on my payroll, I'll get taken to court and the police officer will testify he saw nothing wrong and the only thing that happened was that she started screaming for no reason (pretty sure this'll destroy a person, but oh I try). I'll get out and stalk them for 5 or so years and then I'll kidnap her and put her in my dungeon. I'll then start feeding them some sort of poison that'll make them weak everyday, after a few weeks I'll tell them I've been poisoning them and the only way I'll let them go is if they kill someone. I'll catch another person I deem retarded (perhaps a vegan?) get them to kill the vegan with a knife (I'll have a gun of course in case they decide to attack me) and then finally drown them to death. I could have went on but I've proven my point there's loads of things that are worse than rape and these are just the things at the top of my head, don't get me wrong rape is a very bad thing but there are worse things that can happen to a person, either one thing or many things accumulated.

I probably seem sick now but I've just played telltale's the walking dead and someone pissed me off at my local gym :l
2 hours ago on radbot
So much win.
2 hours ago on lolbot
Not really funny. Like, at all.
2 hours ago on lolbot
They call me the civilan casualty

3 hours ago on lolbot
White Man is a cruel, savage, jay-less beast
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