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8 minutes ago on trolledbot
is this before or after the balance patch
15 minutes ago on pokebot [OP]
What about poisoning?

What about it? Poisoning can be fixed very simply, although becoming toxic is much more serious. Although, I'm not exactly sure whether all "Poison" in Pokemon is actually poison or venom. If it's venom it'd probably be a bit harder to treat considering all of the different kinds of anti-venom that would need to be produced. If it is all the same poison, however, a universal treatment would likely already be readily available. "Toxic" in Pokemon also works a bit differently than what Toxic really means, and just seems to be a stronger or heavier dose of "Poison."
37 minutes ago on trolledbot

hispanics need to learn they are brainwashed native americans.

Well quite a few hispanics, especially in south east South America, are actually mostly caucasian and many hispanics are purely African, but yeah, a large number of hispanics, especially in Mexico and the rest of Central America, and west South America, are really just culturally confused native americans

Actually,a majority of the population in Mexico are called Mestizo. It's a way of saying that their ancestry isn't actually native to the land but more of a mix of European and native decent. You know, because of all the rape that happened.
1 hour ago on lolbot
"Peppy! Long time no see!"
2 hours ago on pokebot
But not with a Leaf Stone, that'd make too much sense.

Bitch, you could be. Sapeon. Grass/Poison. Evolves from Eevee with a Leaf Stone.
2 hours ago on radbot
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff.
2 hours ago on lolbot
Noot noot
2 hours ago on radbot
If dubstep was a shape.

But it doesn't have a half-shaved head and mouse ears
2 hours ago on creepybot
2 hours ago on creepybot
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